Jongo da Serrinha– NGO that works to preserve the rhythm of Jongo and assist children in Rio de Janeiro.

Joia Tours-Cultural Adventure Tours to Brazil.

Olodum– Internationally renowned band/ bloco/ social organization from Salvador da Bahia.

A Barca– Great band from Sao Paulo creating new arrangements of traditional Brazilian folkloric music.

Ilê Aiyê– Oldest and most traditional afro-bloco in Bahia.

Instituto Terra– Reforestation Project in Minas Gerais

Ginga– Boulder choro group.

Rosangela Silvestre– World-renowned afro-Brazilian dance teacher.

The Motet– Boulder-based band and good friends.

Joia Botanicals — Products made with ingredients harvested by communities in Brazil.

Capoeira Luanda– Denver-area Capoeira group.

Canto do Galo Capoeira– Denver-area Capoeira group.

St Julien Hotel – Our home on Friday nights in downtown Boulder.

Casa Colorado – Luxury Colorado Bed & Breakfast run by Scott Messersmith.

Cholaca – Pure Liquid Cacao.


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